We’re excited you’re here – whether you came to know more about us, how to book a bridal shower or you came for amebo. We’re proud to introduce Pole Dance Fitness, Chairography and other fun workout to Nigeria.

Come into our little studio and feel at home, surrounded by a sisterhood of fellow strong and sexy women on a journey of confidence and fitness. We’re a body positive space (aka Say No to body shaming), with lots of encouragement and support to go around.

Discover Your Fire

it’s a physical and mental transformation. Ditch the stereotypes and grab a pole, or make your chair do more.

Be Stronger For it.

after all it is a workout, although a very fun one. Have fun with it, leave each class feeling empowered and free and ready to take on the world. This is dedicated to women all over the world, but first of all, women in Nigeria – may we own our strength and sexiness and embrace our femininity.